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    Climb a Mountain

    Summit Mount Kilimanjaro | Summit Mount Toubkal | Summit Mount Everest | The 7 Summits

    Trek in the polar regions

    Cross Lake Baikal | East to West Greenland crossing | Trek to the North Pole | Trek to the South Pole

    Exploration and discovery

    The Rickshaw Challenge | Drive across the world


    Trekking expeditions in Africa | Exploration Adventures in Africa | Wildlife & Research expeditions in Africa | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in Africa | Mountaineering Adventures in Africa


    Trekking expeditions in Asia | Exploration Adventures in Asia | Wildlife & Research expeditions in Asia | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in Asia | Mountaineering Adventures in Asia

    Central America

    Trekking expeditions in Central America | Exploration Adventures in Central America | Wildlife & Research expeditions in Central America | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in Central America | Mountaineering Adventures in Central America


    Trekking expeditions in Europe | Exploration Adventures in Europe | Wildlife & Research expeditions in Europe | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in Europe | Mountaineering Adventures in Europe

    North America

    Trekking expeditions in North America | Exploration Adventures in North America | Wildlife & Research expeditions in North America | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in North America | Mountaineering Adventures in North America

    South America

    Trekking expeditions in South America | Exploration Adventures in South America | Wildlife & Research expeditions in South America | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in South America | Mountaineering Adventures in South America

    Central Asia

    Trekking expeditions in Central Asia | Exploration Adventures in Central Asia | Wildlife & Research expeditions in Central Asia | Canoeing & Rafting Adventures in Central Asia | Mountaineering Adventures in Central Asia

    Climb Mount Kilimanjaro | Climb Mount Toubkal | Climb Mount Everest | Climb Mount Denali | Climb Mount Elbrus | Climb Mont Blanc | Climb Mount Annapurna | Climb Mount Vinson | Everest Base Camp Trek | Climb Cartenz Pyramid | Climb Mount Aconcagua | Climb Mount K2 | Climb Mount Lhotse

    Mountain Climbing | Trekking expeditions | Polar Expeditions | Kite-skiiing | Driving expeditions | Canoeing journeys | Kayak journeys | Rickshaw challenges | Motorcycle overlanding | Back-country skiing | Dog Sledging adventures | Cycling trips

    Wakhan Corridor | Pamir Trail | Appalachian trail | The Fitzroy Trek | Pays Dogon | The Camino de Santiago | Routeburn Track | The Long Range Traverse | Annapurna Circuit


    1. Discover Adventures

    Our crew of misfits search high and low across the planet to find the most daring and exhilarating expeditions and challenges.


    2. Plan your expedition

    We think Adventures should be planned by the explorer, so we've built our planner to give you control over your trips.


    3. On Trip Support

    Want to push yourself outside your comfort zone, but still genuinely fear death? We provide on trip support to steer your through tougher times.

    Real adventure tours, uncovered

    Let’s set the record straight…you can’t buy an adventure, you can only have an adventure. Adventures occur own their own, when just the right ingredients are thrown into the mix, at the right time. They’re not tangible things, they can’t be harnessed or conjured up on demand.

    What we offer at Echio Adventure are ingredients and opportunities. Circumstances which, when you’re thrown into the mix of, have a very high chance of creating some pandemonium, exhilaration, awakenings and reward.

    With Echio, you can be fully immersed in the entire process of your expedition, with our expert support and world class expedition leaders. The whole point is to dream big, take on something truly incredible and live your life fully, with no regrets.

    adventure planner

    Own your expedition

    We’ve built some kick-ass adventure software for you, so you can plan your next expedition. You’re in control, but we’ll show you the way.

    Why Travel with Echio

    We're the pioneers of expedition planning and we don't believe that any adventure idea is too big. Check out how we're making adventure travel great again.

    It’s your adventure

    All our expeditions and Adventures have you at the heart. You can be involved from step one as much or as little as you’d like

    Saving the planet

    We’ve been carbon negative from day one, and donate a portion of every penny spent to planting trees and offsetting carbon around the globe

    Travel with confidence

    Our on trip support features give you some security when travelling, so you can feel more confident

    Risk free booking

    We have measure in place to protect you if there are cancellations, as well as flexible payment terms

    We facilitate dreams

    With Echio you can really dream big. Our expeditions are only the best, and we encourage you to be bold.

    Expedition leaders

    We don’t have tour guides and holiday reps, we have expedition leaders and world renowned explorers. We don’t half-ass things.

    Echio Membership