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1. Discover Adventures

Our crew of misfits search high and low across the planet to find the most daring and exhilarating expeditions and challenges.


2. Plan your expedition

We think Adventures should be planned by the explorer, so we've built our planner to give you control over your trips.


3. On Trip Support

Want to push yourself outside your comfort zone, but still genuinely fear death? We provide on trip support to steer your through tougher times.

Real adventures, uncovered

Let’s set the record straight…you can’t buy an adventure, you can only have an adventure. Adventures occur own their own, when just the right ingredients are thrown into the mix, at the right time. They’re not tangible things, they can’t be harnessed or conjured up on demand.

What we offer at Echio Adventure are ingredients and opportunities. Circumstances which, when you’re thrown into the mix of, have a very high chance of creating some pandemonium, exhilaration, awakenings and reward.

With Echio, you can be fully immersed in the entire process of your expedition, with our expert support and world class expedition leaders. The whole point is to dream big, take on something truly incredible and live your life fully, with no regrets.

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Own your expedition

We’ve built some kick-ass adventure software for you, so you can plan your next expedition. You’re in control, but we’ll show you the way.

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