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I'm glad you're reading this. It means you've got the adventure spark inside you and you want to explore where it can take you. Let me start by saying that there are many more than 9 reasons why you should go on adventures, take on challenges and tackle expeditions, but these are the 9 that I've chosen as the most important.   Adventure challenges expose you to new stimulus    Planning an adventure, can be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, filled with excitement and new challenges. You’ll need to learn new things to

  Theres a big difference between having an adventure, and going on an adventure holiday. The former involves the unknown, challenge, exposure and risk whereas the latter seems to be the kind of thing your auntie Pat does to get a taste of something different and prove she's still got it.    In my opinion, it's important for your development into the awesome future-you that you understand the difference between 'having' an adventure and trying to buy one. Having an adventure is like throwing a good party- You can’t buy the

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