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October 2020

  The extreme cold demands respect, and consideration of appropriate clothing and kit. Now, we don’t always take ourselves totally seriously here at Echio, but when it comes to these kinds of climes, you really do need to be focussed and prepared. In some regions, temperatures plummet to -50c, with the coldest temperature on record being -89.2C in Antarctica 1983. So believe me when I say, it does get nippy. For some context, steel and rubber will both become brittle enough to shatter at this temperature, and a pot

  Are we are a company built around the experience and beauty of pure adventure, I thought I’d write up some notes on just what an adventure is, and all the information that you need to know about them. Expeditions are supposed to challenging, so this article is not intended to make things easy for you, rather, to hopefully encourage you to take bigger and bolder steps out of your comfort zone.   Opinions on Adventure/Expeditions   The word “adventure” gets thrown around like the word “love” these days… and I get why,

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